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1. What is Alca care ?

Alca Active Care is a skincare product made from natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types, does not contain harmful chemicals (mercury, steroids, etc.) which are BPOM certified and halal certified.

2. Is Alca Care a doctor's medicine ?

Alca Care is not a doctor's cream or a concoction cream. Alca products can help to get rid of doctor's creams or creams that contain harmful ingredients that were previously used, so that breakout does not occur

3. Are Alca Care products addictive ?

Alca Care products are not addictive and are also very safe to use for teenagers to the elderly and can be used for women and men. All products are made from safe ingredients, so the process from the beginning of use to get the desired results may not be fast because the ingredients are light and harmless, all Alca products are safe for long-term use.

4. Do I have to consult before buying Alca Care ?

The consultation admin available at Alca Care is certified and all the information and steps provided have been confirmed according to recommendations, so that it is better if every use of Alca products is advised to consult first with our consutation admin so that there is no mistake in choosing and using the product.

5. What to do if there is a complaint ?

If there are complaints or there are things you want to ask while using Alca products, you can immediately consult our admin again because each skin is different so it needs different handling, therefore it is important to always consult our admin.


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